When you’re faced with your future, can you forget the past?

These four college friends have one motto: no relationships. Caleb hides his feelings, trying to suppress the guilt of a tragedy that wasn’t his fault. After dealing with a broken home, Josh avoids relationships by sleeping with a different woman every night. Andrew is a typical frat guy until life at home becomes more than he’s ready to handle. Nick watched the woman of his dreams fall into the arms of another man.

All four men have demons they’re not ready to face. Two years into their friendship, they each meet women who force them to face the monsters hiding under their beds.


Can these women be the piece the guys were missing to make them whole?

Sometimes in life the road to Forgiveness is long. You need to Accept what you can change, find Redemption in your mistakes, and Heal from your hurt. This collection of stories will leave you laughing, crying, and hugging your ereader, praying they never end.


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